Close Brothers Rail Ltd holds a Health and safety Executive (HSE) licence and a Hazardous Waste Carrier’s License to safely remove the asbestos from your location to a licensed landfill site or transfer station for disposal. We have the dedicated personnel, technology and management systems to ensure we deliver safely, quickly and on budget in even the most difficult environments.

We service both the public and the private sector and undertake projects of any size. We are a premier contractor with over 10 years’ experience of working with asbestos and we offer a comprehensive, high quality service including asbestos removal, project management and soft–strip demolition services across the UK.

Whether general advice is required on asbestos surveying, training or removal we can provide a complete solution that’s right for your business.

Our accreditations are second to none and include:




Our accreditations are second to none and include:

  • Principal Contractor
  • Specialist Contractor
  • Reinstatement of replacement materials
  • Project Manager
  • Health & Safety motivated with excellent systems and record
  • Wide contract experience:
  • Domestic Contracts
  • Housing Association / Local Authority Term Contracts
  • Emergency Call Outs
  • Soft Strip Demolition
  • Remediation Operations
  • Asbestos Encapsulation
  • Asbestos Disposal (Licensed Hazardous Waste Carrier)
  • Consultant Advisor
  • Asbestos cement sheet removal, disposal or repairs.

Our management system leads the industry which you, as a customer can take full advantage of to gain an unparalleled insight into your estate and our activities on it, whatever you engage us to do.

An example of our technology would be our real-time video feeds from the worksite and these can be automatically fed to interested third parties (ie client, HSE, analyst) enabling them and our management team to monitor operatives as the works progress. In fact all of our operations generate a complete audit trail and everything we do is visible.

We run the most safety-orientated, compliant projects in our sector and these same online systems that help keep everyone safe make sure that our operations are efficient and delay-free. They help us deliver industry leading value, quality and safety at the same time.

Like to know more?

If you have concerns, or if you would like to talk to us about any aspect of asbestos please call us or use the live chat service. We would be very pleased to talk to you and offer advice should you require it.